Multi-location call center for Flipkart & PhonePe

Flipkart is a leader in Indian e-commerce space and Ubona powers all out bound agent assisted calling in Flipkart today. Ubona powered scalable outbound calling infrastructure handles millions of outbound calls every month from different call centers and empowers Flipkart IT and business team to control geographically distributed centers from a centralized system which brings in huge efficiencies from both system and human resource per se. Ubona’s centralized systems and soft phone for agent computer is indigenously developed considering all aspect of open end requirement of 3rd party integrations for CRM/WFM systems.

Problems solved for Flipkart:
  • Open ended call center application
  • Scalable and distributed infrastructure solution for agent assisted calling
  • Seamless integration with existing internal systems and integrations with 3rd party
  • Significant Software & license cost reduction

Looking for a cost effective solution for customer contact?

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