Intelligent IVR

A scalable solution to implement intelligent and automated agents (bots) to address the various needs of the calling customers.

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Intelligent IVR Features

  • Numerous bots for varied applications

  • Inbound as well as Outbound

  • DTMF based menu and DTMF fallback

  • SIP support for seamless integration with enterprise telephony

  • All major Indian languages

  • Easy integration with enterprise applications for complete automation

  • Detail logs, reports and analytics

  • The best quality and intuitive voice prompts

Primary characteristics


The IVR understands Human speech by checking relevant keywords and making use of natural language processing

Domain specific

It can be trained with domain specific knowledge to understand and to respond accordingly

Robust system

It is infinetely scalable and also improves with time

Sample applications

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Bill Payment and recharges
  • Money Transfer
  • Policy information
  • Policy reminder and renewal
  • Payment Collection
  • Hospital and branch information
  • Cash on delivery order
  • Card abandonment
  • Duplicate order
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Product, Music search
  • Consumer Acquisition

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