Cloud Telephony

Modern day cloud telephony solutions for all kind of customer interaction automation with input as DTMF or Speech in all major languages.


Our business solutions on the cloud

  • Outbound calling: Reach out to your customer proactively with your messages, deliver your messages with reliability
  • Call centers on the cloud: Own your full-featured contact center with no investment
  • IVR: Offer self-service option to your customer
  • Click to call: Talk to the prospect immediately as soon as he shows interest in your product campaign
  • Number masking: Securely connect your customer and agents by keeping your contacts hidden
  • Outbound campaign: Reach out to targets with intuitive messaging, meet compliance capture the response and reach out
  • Custom telephony processes: Your processes and requirements are different from all these, KRpro cloud telephony is supported by powerful customization capability to realize your use case

Cloud Telephony Features

  • Speech enabled customer interactive IVR flow design

  • Secured APIs to enable data flow

  • Customized flow design as per business need

  • 360 degree data visibility

  • Cost effective

  • Improve efficiency

  • Supports both Inbound and Outbound flows

  • Best in class IVR design practice

Looking for a cost effective solution for customer contact?

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